Tuesday, 9 December 2014

DIY kids scarves!

With the weather getting colder and its the time of year for colds and sniffles I have been keeping Ollie well wrapped up when we go outside but one thing that I found was that even with the warmest coat and hat on, around his neck was still exposed to the wind and cold (even with all his hair!). I decided to get creative and make a couple of "scarves", these are quick and easy to make. It would be great for kids or as a present (but as with all things, always supervise a child when they have something around there neck!)With the first one I got the idea from Pinterest but in hindsight using a t-shirt that was the same colour fabric on both sides would probably have worked better! 

Wrap-around scarf:

                         Take an old t-shirt and lay it down flat
                   Cut straight across under the arms

Cut strips 1/3 up and pull them to fray. 
Cowboy Scarf

For this one I got a piece of fabric and cut it into a small square. If you can hem any free edges (I can't). Fold it over diagonally to make a triangle and stitch along the edge. Measure to fit around your neck or babies neck. It shouldn't be too tight. Sew on poppers or velcro to fasten. You can get these from a haberdashery or if you have an old bib you can reuse the fasteners on this. I think this one is very stylish and is warm too :)

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