Friday, 12 December 2014

Breakouts Beware!

As I have previously written a post on dehydrated skin today I thought I would write about the Oily side of life.Most people suffer from breakouts at some point in their lives. While some people are lucky enough to only get the odd breakout during their teenage years, bad skin can hit at any age! As I see with a lot of clients in work, this may be during pregnancy, when hormones are running wild. It could also be due to stress,diet, skincare or life. I happened to be the opposite, my skin has never been as lovely as it was when I was pregnant. After I had Ollie I continued to have that lovely "pregnancy glow" and then out of nowhere, shortly before his first birthday(!!!) I started getting the dreaded breakouts. 

Now I have a good daily skincare routine and I have tried and tested many products over the years and narrowed it down to my favorites but when I do find I am getting breakouts I revert back to an old favorite from my teenage years La Roche-Posay. Teenager, new mum or just at your wits-end I would definitely recommend trying the EFFACLAR range. I find that if I do get a breakout and I use this for a few days my skin reverts back to normal so much quicker than if I just ignored it!

I am a firm believer that the basis of any good skincare routine is a great cleanse. If you are wearing make-up a cream cleanser and alcohol-free toner will be your best friend for that deep cleanse. When I am not wearing make-up,in the mornings or as my second cleanse I use Purifying Foaming Gel for Oily sensitive skin. It is PH neutral to your skin and paraben-free, and I find instantly defuses redness caused by breakouts.

The moisturiser I find best during breakouts is the Effaclar Duo +. It has a light texture and smells fresh clean smell that's not overpowering like some oily skin products can be like.My favorite thing is that it also leaves your skin feeling soft and moisturised. Some products, I find, can be quite astringent for oily skin which leaves it feeling tight and dry.

I have also used the Effaclar K moisturiser which seems just as nice as the Duo +, I can't see a huge difference between the two but from looking on the La roche posay website it seems that the Effaclar K is suited for sensitive skin, is hypoallergenic with minimal ingredients and fragrance. This is great news if your oily/sensitive as it won't be too harsh whilst still treating your concerns. 

La Roche-posay is available in most good pharmacies and is reasonably priced too. One tip though is to do your research as to what your looking for. The packaging is quite minimalist and basically all looks the same so it can be quite confusing/daunting! I will do a more in depth post on oily skin at a later date :)

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