Wednesday, 17 December 2014

DIY Perfume Pots

For Christmas this year I am trying to do as much DIY with the presents as possible. I was looking into making my own natural perfume and was doing a bit of research online. I never realised how simple making cosmetics can be. My first step was to stock up on supplies. I have a collection of essential oils already and after trying out a few different mixtures I settled on Sandlewood, Rose and Ylang Ylang. I found a great online website where I ordered Jojoba bead pellets and some containers. Everything arrived the next day so I got started straight away.

First I put a cup in a pot of hot water over heat melt the wax. 

I used the perfume pots as measures and added 3 measures of the jojoba bead pellets with 1.5 measures of organic virgin coconut oil. (Almond oil, Avocado oil or other carrier oils can be used). This is to keep the texture soft.
Place the wax and coconut oil in the container over the heat until they melt and combine
Have the essential oils ready and premixed on the side. You will only need a few drops of essential oils(10-15 altogether).
Combine the essential oils with the rest of the mixture and decant into your perfume pots.
Once the mixture cools it will solidify and there you have it. Natural personal perfume pots!

I will be making these for all my family and friends. They are really cute stocking fillers and there are endless possibilities with different blends of essential oils. 

Rachael x