Tuesday, 24 February 2015

Finding peace with toddler tantrums.

He wanted to flollow the ducks into the pond!

funny; courtesy of pinterest

Tantrums. The terrible two's. I have been expecting them, preparing for them and I got a dose of a real tantrum the other day-except Ollie is only 18 months! Now of course he has had his fair share of outbursts before but these full blown tantrums are completely different. I wanted to explore the best way to react and to navigate these tricky situations.

Ollie's first major meltdown happened when we were out for a walk the other day. We had played a lovely game of football in the park and I had popped him in his buggy to go for a nice long walk before we headed back to the car. So we were half way through our walk when suddenly Ollie decided he didn't ant to be in the buggy anymore. Fair enough. I popped his harness on to let him walk. Nope don't want to walk. Didn't want to play football. Didn't want to be carried. Didn't want me to carry the football/put it under the pram. Didn't want to be carried. It seemed all he wanted to do was sit on the floor and cry. I gave up on the idea of a walk and decided to return to the car.  It didn't help that my coat was made of the same slippy material as his coat so as I struggled to carry the screaming toddler who had made himself all floppy he just slid off my hip and to maneuver the pram with the other hand. I tried to keep my face calm and loving and continued planting little kisses on his tear stained cheek. I must have looked like such a crazy woman- my hair a mess from being pulled, my coat covered in little footprints trying to escape, stumbling down the street trying to get home. I can laugh now but at the time the journey back to the car seemed endless.

Why am I telling you this? Obviously its not my greatest moment as a mum! On the drive home it led me to think... What do you do when your toddler is throwing a tantrum?

Now as with all new mums, we are all just learning as we go and I am lucky enough to have my own mum (mother to 6) to turn to for advice so here are a few nuggets of advice to help you survive the stress' of tantrums.
A bit like Ollie the other day 

Firstly remember that your toddler is just trying to communicate something and you don't understand. They are old enough to have a sense of self- they have developed their personalities and sense of will. Basically they know what they want and what they don't! (Now is may be something as silly as wanting to share their yogurt with the dog.)

Be present; Keep your face calm, positive happy or neutral but try not to fall into a stressed/negative or agitated state as this will only mirror your toddler instead of lift their spirits. 

Offer an alternative or a distraction: So you may not let them take a toy from another child but offer them another or take them away from the situation. 

Play with them: Sometimes the reason they are acting up is because of boredom. I find the best thing to do in these situations are to be their to play with them, Go outside for a walk or run around. Leave the dishes (they will wait). A calm toddler is much less stressful than a messy kitchen!

Let them help: If your toddler wants something that you have- but cant give them ( for instance; a dusting cloth). It may be their way of saying but mum I want to do what your doing too! Give them a clean cloth/ face cloth so they can mimic you (their hero ;))

Remember that your toddler is trying to communicate

Tantrums can be upsetting for both mum and baby so once your little one is settled again, take some time out to reflect or meditate. This can restore your energy levels and bring you back to a more peaceful and positive state. 

Nourish your body and mind, drink green juice - keep your energy high to help you cope with stress. Tired mum + cranky baby happy times

Spend some time away from technology, reading stories, going for walks it will help you de-stress.

Don't take it personally. They still love you :) 

I hope you may find some helpful info in here and as they say a problem shared is a problem halved ;) Any other mums out there have any other tips?


Reasons my toddler is crying; He wanted to put his hand in my hot tea!

Monday, 9 February 2015

January/ February Faves!

Hi Ladies,

What better time to start a monthly faves post than at the start of the year... Already I am running behind! This is a post I love reading on other blogs. This will be a bit of a mix of beauty/baby fave's I have been loving over the last 6 weeks or so.

Darphin Vitalskin Serum

I have been LOVING this or the last few weeks. This super-hydrating serum really perks up and brightens your skin(with caffeine extract and vitamin C) and leaves your skin super fresh and glowing. Love love love it! 


There is nothing better on a dark winters morning than a bowl of hot porridge to set you up for the day :) To shake it up a bit I make it with almond or coconut milk, a few raisins, sprinkling of cinnamon and some honey.

Lucas' Pawpaw Ointment

Made from fermented Paw paw fruit, this little tube is a miracle worker. I keep one in my handbag all the time especially during these winter months. Among its many uses it can be used as a lip balm, on dry skin, as a hand cream, for nappy rash or for taming fly-away hairs! I bulk bought before I left Australia and now get my friends to bring me home some whenever they're visiting :)

Make Up

This Buxom lip gloss is from Sephora that I got as a gift from a friend. It's a lip plumping gloss but it is a lovely light texture, non-sticky and really moisturising for the lips. I have the shade "White Russian" and its a lovely pale pink shade.

The next 2 are NYX products which are super affordable, only 4 or 5 euro each. The HD concealer is brilliant,I use it as a highlighter and under eye dark circle concealer. Its highly pigmented and has a lovely light powder finish. A brilliant concealer for just a few euro!! You can't go wrong with this.

The Lip pencil again was only a few euro and I have the shade 719 PECAN 
. I love this colour its a dusty pinky-brown colour. Similar to MAC "Amplified" and has a cream sheen finish.

I am loving NYX cosmetics they are brilliant quality for the price, I'l be going back for more soon :)

Baby Harness:

Now Ollie is getting braver and more independent, whenever we are out and about he doesn't want to hold my hand or stay in his buggy. Half the time I was pushing an empty buggy trying to run after him :) He wants to explore by himself! I picked up a harness one day in Tesco and found it was brilliant for keeping him safe yet giving him a sense of independence!

Let me know if you enjoy these kinds of posts and I'd love to hear any feedback. Have a lovely week.

Rachael x