Monday, 9 February 2015

January/ February Faves!

Hi Ladies,

What better time to start a monthly faves post than at the start of the year... Already I am running behind! This is a post I love reading on other blogs. This will be a bit of a mix of beauty/baby fave's I have been loving over the last 6 weeks or so.

Darphin Vitalskin Serum

I have been LOVING this or the last few weeks. This super-hydrating serum really perks up and brightens your skin(with caffeine extract and vitamin C) and leaves your skin super fresh and glowing. Love love love it! 


There is nothing better on a dark winters morning than a bowl of hot porridge to set you up for the day :) To shake it up a bit I make it with almond or coconut milk, a few raisins, sprinkling of cinnamon and some honey.

Lucas' Pawpaw Ointment

Made from fermented Paw paw fruit, this little tube is a miracle worker. I keep one in my handbag all the time especially during these winter months. Among its many uses it can be used as a lip balm, on dry skin, as a hand cream, for nappy rash or for taming fly-away hairs! I bulk bought before I left Australia and now get my friends to bring me home some whenever they're visiting :)

Make Up

This Buxom lip gloss is from Sephora that I got as a gift from a friend. It's a lip plumping gloss but it is a lovely light texture, non-sticky and really moisturising for the lips. I have the shade "White Russian" and its a lovely pale pink shade.

The next 2 are NYX products which are super affordable, only 4 or 5 euro each. The HD concealer is brilliant,I use it as a highlighter and under eye dark circle concealer. Its highly pigmented and has a lovely light powder finish. A brilliant concealer for just a few euro!! You can't go wrong with this.

The Lip pencil again was only a few euro and I have the shade 719 PECAN 
. I love this colour its a dusty pinky-brown colour. Similar to MAC "Amplified" and has a cream sheen finish.

I am loving NYX cosmetics they are brilliant quality for the price, I'l be going back for more soon :)

Baby Harness:

Now Ollie is getting braver and more independent, whenever we are out and about he doesn't want to hold my hand or stay in his buggy. Half the time I was pushing an empty buggy trying to run after him :) He wants to explore by himself! I picked up a harness one day in Tesco and found it was brilliant for keeping him safe yet giving him a sense of independence!

Let me know if you enjoy these kinds of posts and I'd love to hear any feedback. Have a lovely week.

Rachael x

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