Saturday, 1 August 2015

Life is for living.

I'm sure you have heard the saying "live each day like it is your last", it's not my favourite saying as it's not really possible, is it? Surely if this was your last day, you wouldn't spend it sitting on a crowded bus for an hour to go to work a ten hour shift in an office! You need to do this, no matter how much you might not want to... But if it was your last day. No way! You'd spend it with family and friends, laugh, dance and sing and certainly no one would go to work. 

It's on these days, the every days, that it is hardest to muster up appreciation for all that we do have. It can be hard to see the positive side to the ordinary every days. But each and every day is life, each week that passes shouldn't be wasted or wished away, even if it seems the same as last week.

It hit me recently, as I was driving along one day how we only appreciate how  much we have when it is gone. We only appreciate our health when we are ill, our youth when we are old, our freedom once we have responsibilities, the absolute wonder if the world once it seems to be falling apart.

My other half was recently diagnosed with an illness that will effect him forever more, that will change our path. Instead of getting upset over this, we thought "ok , now our path has changed, let's see where this one leads". We still have a beautiful healthy boy, we are alive and get to wake up each day together. We are healthy enough to be able to work, we have our family, our friends and we have today.

So to end on a positive note. Try to appreciate each day to the fullest. Here are a few of my tips for gratitude. 
➕ Be present. Notice the people around you, the smells, the sounds and sights. Use all your senses and you will see things today that you never noticed before.
➕Don't compare your day/ life to others.   Social media is a powerful tool but it gives a warped sense or reality. Everyone's life has ups and downs. 
➕Count your blessings. Literally. From having time to sit with your family over breakfast to having the ability to work. Take a moment to be still each day and think of all you are grateful for. It all counts. Count it.

A new day tomorrow, let's make it count. 

With love 
Rachael. X

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