Wednesday, 2 December 2015

Rainy Day

Today was one of those days! Coming into December the rainy days are becoming more frequent and it's becoming dark so early in the day. Myself and Ollie had absolutely no plans today, and so close to Christmas we can't be trusted to go out anywhere exciting in fear that we spend all our Christmas savings. Or days when you literally just cannot be bothered getting in the car! 

Today Ollie napped very early and by lunch time we had been for a long walk, so where as he was bouncing off the walls- at 5 months pregnant I was hitting my midday slump with  no hope of him settling down again I decided we would do some meditation and relaxation techniques.
Just a few minutes of deep breathing, stretching, and relaxing music and it gave me the energy to spur on for the rest of the day. Ollie joined me for a while with some poses, he also sat on my head, walked Peppa pig across my face and urgently needed to know "what's that Mammy" all within the same 20 minutes.

Don't be put off, If you are trying to take time to yourself as a mammy;
✔️even a  5 minutes of deep breathing/ gentle stretching can help restore energy levels. Try get a few minutes in each day
✔️have lots of activities around to occupy little ones, Ollie is really into Art& craft at the moment and I've stocked up with heaps of materials and stickers from Dealz to keep him busy
✔️ if it's really not working you can always try again later, don't get worked up trying to relax.
✔️limit screen time as much as possible. This is a personal one but I find most of the time social media is filled with useless  information that won't add to your day.

The struggle is real 😂, trying to have 5 minutes quiet time with a 2 year old!

Coming up to Christmas I have premade heaps of these Christmas tree decorations that Ollie then decorates with stickers and keeps him so busy. Yay 

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