Wednesday, 12 November 2014

Green Juice!

Trying out a juice cleanse this week to help boost my energy, detox and get ready for the rush of Christmas!I've been finding lately that I feel very low on energy in the mornings and it doesn't help having an energetic 1-year-old poking me in the eyes and pulling my hair in order to get me up in the mornings at 6:30am! My mum first started the juicing craze in our house when my two brothers were doing their Leaving Cert exams. Every morning still they have their glass of green juice and they swear by the energy it gives them. If you are feeling skeptical about this juicing voodoo that everyone is going crazy about check out the link below to the movie and you will be converted:

I have also spoken to many other juicing fanatics and some of the benefits that they have found are they gained heaps of energy, skin problems such as psoriasis have cleared up, skin looks clearer and healthier, hair, nails & skin are healthier, concentration levels sky-rocket ( perfect for exam times). Its an all out detox for the body and mind!
Ollie helping me pick spinach in the garden!

At the moment I am working, studying and a full time mummy so my life feels hectic and full-on at the best of times. I have decided to do a 7 day juice cleanse to help focus my mind and detox as well as boost my energy reserves for running around after my nutty little boy!
We first gave it to him as a joke, now he can't get enough!
For my green juice I use lots of spinach, green apples, wheatgrass, cucumber, small bit of parsley and mint. It tastes mostly like apple juice and Ollie surprisingly loves the stuff- no wonder his hair is so long! So far I've been drinking it for breakfast, lunch and dinner with a small snack at midday ( I couldn't go off food completely). I just started today and apparently the first 3 days are supposed to be the hardest so I'm hoping I can stick it out. Fingers crossed!
It tastes alot better than it looks! :)

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