Wednesday, 6 May 2015

Wellness Wednesday

Hi all, 

I thought I would start a thread for wellness Wednesday's that, hopefully il be able to post every week with a positive little message!
 Being a mum (or dad) is one of the most amazing and rewarding jobs that there is. Getting to watch your little ones grow and develop and achieve their goals is such an amazing feeling but being a parent is also such a hard job at times too. It is so important to be aware of this and to accept that it isn't always going to be lovely and easy! 

As a mum your day starts at crazy o'clock in the morning, you don't get lunch breaks, double pay, holidays or time off. When we are feeling tired or run down, or if we have a busy schedule it can be a little overwhelming. Being mindful does not mean to be positive all the time, it does mean to be aware of how you are feeling at that present moment and seeing the reasons that may be making you feel like that.. And to accept it!

When I'm feeling overpowered or low on energy, or if I'm having a tricky moment with Ollie there are a few things I like to try to pick our moods up! 
•Go outside; fresh air and the outdoors are known to increase your mood. Especially in Ireland when the weather can be so wet. Just wrap up well and get outside for even a few minutes! 
•Nourish yourself; you know those days when you have a take away and instantly feel sluggish and tired. Rarely do you feel like this after a salad or fruit. Keep it in mind next time you go to fix a meal. Eating well will nourish your body and mind. 
•Meditate and Stretch; if you have time take 15 minutes or even 5 minutes to meditate and focus your thoughts. Deep breathing or sun salutations are great for increasing energy and positivity. I try to set aside time in the garden while Ollie is playing for this. If yoga or meditation is not your thing light excersise will help too. Often when you have taken time to be with your thoughts you will realise that what was stressing you is not that important (the dishes will wait)
• Take time out for yourself; this is so important for self wellness to just take time out to do something you enjoy, by yourself! Wether it's going for a walk in the evening while your other half watches baby, Meeting friends or just having a bath in peace. It's important not to loose sight of you as a person outside your role as a parent.

And sometimes the only thing that will help on those days where you feel like you want to pull your hair out is a good nights SLEEP! :) Keep in mind what an amazing job you are doing mummy's and how much your little ones appreciate what you do!

Rachael x

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