Friday, 9 January 2015

Oliver's BCG Story.

(I just want to say that the purpose of this story in not to scare anyone from inoculations I simply wanted to share my experience and to see if anyone had experienced anything similar.)

It all started when Ollie was about 4 weeks old and I brought him to our local health center for his BCG injection (against tuberculosis). I was sent the appointment in the post and thought nothing of it and off I went. The injection itself was fine... in fact Ollie slept through it! In the weeks after a tiny red mark stayed on the injection spot which is quite a common reaction I've heard. 

In the months that followed the skin surrounding the injection spot changed and became quite inflamed and irregular. The skin was bumpy and about 1/2 centimeter thicker than the rest of his arm. It also had a red line around the border. It seemed to spread and then retract occasionally. Every time I saw the nurse for further inoculations (which are done on the legs) I would show her and each time she assured me that it was perfectly normal reaction and could take months to clear.

I did my research and the only thing I could come up with was that it was the tuberculosis itself affecting the skin and the skin condition was called lichen scrufulosorum.

As Ollie reached 15 months old and his arm continued to get worse I decided enough was enough. Although it didn't hurt him I was nervous Ollie was going to be left with a large scar on his arm. I rang my great-aunt to ask her advice and she suggested I try mixing bicarbonate of soda and lemon juice to a paste and applying it to the scar. 

I did this daily and I was amazed at how after only a few days the difference it had made. First it went bright red, over about 3 days ( like it was detoxing the area). Then it started cracking and looked very dry and whiter while the red line remained. By day 5 the texture of the skin had completely evened out but the red line remained. 

I couldn't believe how 2 simple ingredients could make such a huge difference in just a few days after 14 months of trying everything. A few days later I went to the doctors with Ollie and he finally prescribed a medicine that i had to give him for a few days to help finish clearing it up. Now the texture and colour are back to normal, after 14 months it only look a week to clear up! Just a faded outline is all that is visible- Its amazing!

I am so relieved as I was worried that Ollie would have this scar on his arm for life. Although I was brushed off so many times I brought it up to the nurse I am certain now that if anything like this comes up I will be more assertive as 15 months is much too long to deal with this.

If anyone has any similar experiences I would be eager to hear them. Now as I said at the start the purpose of this story is not to scare people from injections, I would still bring Ollie for the injection. The lesson I learnt from this experience is that when it comes to our children if you have any concerns, don't let anyone brush them off. If you feel you are not being listened to then ask for a second opinion- Mothers know best! 

Get in touch please if you have any similar stories or insights to share.

Rachel x
Day 1; Starting the treatment today
Day 3

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Day 10 (at present)

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