Thursday, 22 January 2015

Babycook Review

When I was growing up there were only one or two well known brands of baby food and most of you are probably familiar with those little glass jars that they came in. When we started weaning Ollie onto solid foods we looked around at the nutritional value of these jars. I tried a few myself, they looked bland, smelt funny and tasted like cornflour... which surprise surprise was a main ingredient! I found it hard to get Ollie to eat much if any of these jars and who can blame him really so I had to look at other options.

Today I am reviewing the BEABA Babycook food processor that I used to make most of Ollie's food.It's a bit of a strange thing to review but if my mum hadn't told me about it I would never have even known there was such a thing on the market! I fell in love with this the first time I used it. It is so simple and handy to use to make healthy, nutritious, fresh meals for your little one. BEABA is a french brand that has been around for the last 20 years. The babycook has 2 main parts. The main body, the power source, has a compartment that you fill with water. The second part is the food processor. Inside this is a little basket. Your chopped raw fruit or veggies go in the basket in the processor and you turn it on. Simple! They are gently steamed and cooked to perfection every time. Once done, then you simply tip the basket of food into the processor, turn it on and you are left with a smooth puree- perfect for weaning babies. 

It comes with a cookbook with ideas of different recipes. Surprisingly one of Ollie's favourites was Broccoli, Pear and Peas! The purees can be made in advance and frozen (v. handy!) The steam cooking helps to lock in all the nutrients and any leftover water makes a perfect drink for a weaning baby as it contains more veggie nutrients! Once baby can handle chunkier food the steaming function alone is the perfect time saving way to cook and lock in all the goodness. I still use mine all the time even for cooking my own veg!

This would be a great gift for a family member or friend with a newborn that you are looking for that something special for. The retail at about 122 EURO and can be ordered online or boots online. For more gift ideas check out my previous post on more gifts for mum-to-be here Hope this review is helpful.

Rachael x

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