Wednesday, 1 October 2014

Water, water everywhere!

Here we all are, nearing the end of the first day with the water tax in force! Well, if you are in Ireland anyway that is. Although not many people ever really took it for granted it has now become a precious liquid gold and not a drop to be wasted.

A 5 minute shower will cost about 17 cent, a bath 40 cent, these numbers whiz around my head every time I turn the tap on! I know many people have valiantly protested the tax, we all would love to see a U-turn happen but for now my thoughts are turning to stopping all our money going down the drain... conserving water! In the days up to the enforcement piles of laundry was washed, patios were power-hosed, cars washed and long hot baths were on everyone's list as they are now a luxury we simply cannot afford to do. From October 1st showering at the gym will be taken to the next level and many power-hoses retired for water butts. It got me thinking what are the simple quick ways we can save water and thus save money?

I need to run a bath frequently for Ollie, this cannot be avoided really and although its only ever a shallow bath (30 cent?) it all adds up so tonight, as we neared the end of day 1 of watergate, I used Ollie's bathwater to wash myself ( save 17 cent on a shower!) and then to do some laundry. Albeit it was laundry which just needed freshening up, it was a half load (save 20 cent???). So after scrubbing and wringing, my back was aching and spirits were low so I think its time for a large glass of wine (conserving water of course). 

Any other ideas or tips on how to save water or use it more efficiently?

might come in handy ...

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